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MOTTO: ~ Because of STUDENTS, WE exist! 

Department Philosophy

We are committed to assisting students to understand & accept their individuality, while respecting & accepting the uniqueness in others.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to the holistic development of our students by assisting them to effectively transition, while maximizing academic, personal, & career success.

School Counselling

The assistance & support provided to students during times of transition, heightened stress, crisis, or any situation impeding success. School counselling services are expansive. Including consultations with parents, teachers, school administrators, & other professionals.  Counselling sessions: *Assists students in identifying problems, causes, consequences, benefits, & appropriate actions that can be taken. *Is designed from proven techniques to support students’ development.  *Is proactive & responsive! *Is short term in duration! *Is NOT meant to replace therapy or counselling for mental health issues or deep-set trauma.


We aim to *Encourage students to develop positive attitudes & life skills. *Provide timely counselling, consultations, crisis intervention, or referrals. *Identify students needs through planned sequential programs. *Ensure direct assistance to students. *Responds to students immediate needs.


All interactions with our counsellor, even during the virtual environment, including scheduling, content of sessions, progress in counselling, and your records are confidential. Exceptions to Confidentiality Consultation with other counselling staff is for professional purposes only to provide the best possible care. In the event of immediate danger to the student, or to/from others, confidentiality is no longer guaranteed.


Counselling is assistance and support provided to students during times of transition, heightened stress, critical change or other situations impeding student success.  It is short term and based on theories and techniques effective in a school setting to support student’s development. Virtual counselling utilizes virtual platforms to conduct the following services:

  • Individual Sessions

  • Small Group

  • In-class support with Classroom Lessons​

  • Responsive/ emergency

    • Behavioral emergency 

    • Emotional distress

  • Consultation with parents and teachers 

  • Referrals for Support for:

    • Students 

    • Parents

    • Staff 

Guidance & Counselling Unit Resources

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Surveys & Inventories

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Primary School 

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High School


College & Career


Coming Up Next

Virtual Awareness & Readiness Activities Facilitated Through the Guidance & Counselling Unit

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Most Improve Character

South-Central Guidance Committee Initiative

 M.I.C. Check is an initiative that highlights improvements across the spectrum of personal development as a means of motivating and encouraging students. Students attending schools in the South-Central district who are consciously trying to become better at displaying positive character traits are recognized. Each term students recommended by a teacher or administrator will receive a certificate from the Guidance Department and have their photo featured here.


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